7 Ways to Spread Joy

Today is the final day of my 31st year, and I want to begin my 32nd year with a new motto. After much consideration I have decided that I want that motto to be, to spread as much joy to those around me as possible. To everyone: friends, family, colleagues and even strangers. This past week I have begun implementing these 7 techniques on spreading the joy, I hope you find them as beneficial as I have. Maybe I am doing this for selfish reasons, as there is no better feeling than being the person who brought the sunshine to someones day. If there isn’t any sunshine, we need to become the sunshine.

“Remember there is no such thing as a small act of kindness. Every act creates a ripple with no logical end.” – Scott Adams

1. Express Gratitude

I do not mean this lightly, we should all say thankyou at appropriate times in our life, however by expressing gratitude, I mean going out of your way to specifically tell someone ‘Thank you’ for everything they have done for you, and for how they have assisted you in your life by what they have done. To truly show them appreciation and recognition for their kindness and actions. A simple measure of going above and beyond will express this, a note, a small gift, or taking the time to tell them in person.

2. Truly Listen

We often listen to respond to what people are saying rather than listening to understand. This type of listening is called empathetic listening and can change your entire relationship with a person. If a person feels understood by you, trust is increased and you are better able to help that person if that is what they are seeking. If someone is talking to you, they want to be heard, we all do. So put away any distractions and focus on them with your full atention, you never know the level of importance of what is being said and how much that person needs you in that moment. Be present for them.

3. Pay it Forward

If someone shows you kindness and you feel joy from this, then pay it forward to the best of your ability. A friend of mine once purchased a brand new version of the book, ‘The Secret’, and upon reading it came across a £5 note and a handwritten message wishing the reader well, explaining that this book had changed their life for the better and they wanted to share that reflection with a stranger. The joy my friend experienced upon reading that was incredible. If someone shows you even the smallest act of kindness that brings you joy then spread it! Smile at strangers, give someone flowers for no reason, begin a work email with a few grateful words, bake some cookies and give them to a neighbour, be creative, be the sunshine.

4. Replace Criticism

It is very easy to fall into a judgemental and critical mindset, however, most people do not respond well when judged or criticised. Consider how you felt the last time someone was unneccessarily cruel to you, judged you without knowing all the facts or criticised your work. Personally, I work significantly better when told how great I am doing, it encourages me to strive harder and boosts my self esteem. I want to continue to receive that positive feedback and I respect my superiors for their kindness and management style. Avoid judging people, we have no idea what has happened previously in their day or life to cause them to act or be a certain way, a kind word can have a huge impact.

5. Positive Intention

Sometimes people say things and their words come out the wrong way, we are quick to jump to the conclusion that they mean the most negative version of what they have said. Consider your own words, how often do you say something with the intent of hurting a person? Not very often (I hope), so assume for a moment that most people are just like you and aren’t out to get you. If you are hurt by someones words or actions then question them and understand their meaning, this will save time and any unneccessary manifestation of negative feelings towards another or yourself. Most people are so consumed by their own lives that they haven’t even realised their actions may have distressed you, it was unlikely their intention.

6. Share what brought you Joy

If you have read an inspirational quote, listened to a motivational podcast, read a life changing book, watched an educational documentary or witnessed an incredible act then share that with the world. This is so simple, where social media and a huge international audience is at your fingertips on your phone. If something brought you joy then tell people about it as it will likely bring joy to them as well. I want to share with you all my current love for the podcast, ‘Crappy to Happy’, it is two Australian Women who chat about everything from the importance of sleep to conquering perfectionism. Enjoy!

7. Kill them with Kindness

This ones my favourite, it isn’t that I am a ‘nice’ person ( I like to think that I am), it is just that I don’t see the point in being cruel for no reason. What does it achieve? If someone is rude to me, or unkind, what do I gain from being rude or mean in return? It just sours my day. It is also possible that they are being that way because someone or something has put them in that mood, so hopefully my positive reaction can shift their mindset and maybe they will be a little kinder to the next person. It is difficult not to respond negatively in some situations, but before responding just question yourself, what will my response accomplish?

“Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.” – Mother Teresa

I hope these tips can help you spread the joy and sunshine in your life, both on the exterior and also internally where you can be kinder to yourself. Creating these small habits of acts of kindness and joy- bringing will undoubtedly increase your personal joy.

I hope you all have an incredible weekend, I would love to hear from you in the comment section below and if you would like to subscribe there is an email sign up below the comments.

Bring on my 32nd year 🙂

Love & Light

Lauren x


47 Comments on “7 Ways to Spread Joy

  1. Happy birthday! I always say that happiness is a choice and it is also contagious. Be happy, and people around you will feed off your happiness.

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  2. So many thoughts of joy & optimism!! Loved that quote that there’s no small act of kindness. How true! Your advice is really great ; especially listening & replacing criticism!


  3. These are some great ways to share the joy, I think being able to listen to people when they want and telling people you are grateful to them are such big things for me.


  4. I think listening is the most important one. Because listening shows you care. Also, be super kind, you are right. Coz it will only upsets people that are not nice to you

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  5. Mmmmmm, love this list. Makes me feel happier and lighter just reading it. Great advice on happiness and how to live a more fulfilling life.

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  6. I like to start my day thinking of all the blessings I have in my life. It puts me in a fantastic mood for the day. A good mood can be contagious.

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  7. This is an awesome post!!! And each one of these is truly a great way to spread joy!! I especially love number 1. Having an attitude of gratitude goes so, so far. Great post and happy belated birthday!!

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  8. 7 ways to live positively. Thanks for sharing this amazing advice to everyone. Life will be much easier if we know how to be happy and to spread our happiness to everybody around us.

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  9. Happy 32nd, Lauren! 🙂 I hope you get as much joy as you will spread. I love these 7 ways, they are so practical! A grateful heart is a happy heart 🙂 and there is so much we can help people by simply listening to them, sometimes that’s all they need from us. Great post

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  10. What a lovely way to enter into your 32nd birthday. When I turned 32 all I thought about was myself haha. I love the sentiment of this post though. I think (I hope) that we all become a little more compassionate and grateful as we age, I know I have. Kill them kindness is a great one too! Love it x

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  11. Lately, I have really been exercising the “kill them with kindness” and it has saved me a lot of unnecessary stress and aggravation. What a wonderful post.

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  12. I love this! Happy Birthday and it sounds like you are starting it with awesome intentions. I need to focus on this more too!

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  13. First of all Happy birthday!! Second, I love the list. It’s such a great reminder for all of us. And wanting to bring joy to others because it makes you happy, I don’t think, is a bad thing! 🙂

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  14. This is really important. Little acts of kindness does spread joy in more ways than one. Thanks for sharing.

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  15. What a beautiful post! Love the Positive Intention, we all do forget that others are just as wrapped up in their lives as we are in ours and don’t really take the time to let words sink in before jumping straight to the negative. Great read to start the day!

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  16. Paying it forward is one of the things that I am trying to do more of these days. I love to do little things that I know will brighten someone’s day.

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  17. Yay for joy! We all need a reminder now and then to go forth and let our happiness be contagious!

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  18. These are all really great tips, especially replacing criticism and having positive intentions. Sometimes it is hard to stay kind and spread joy, even when you aren’t in the most joyful kind of mood. We always have to remember that we never know what another person is going through, and always staying kind and spreading joy will put a smile on anyone’s face!

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  19. I absolutely LOVE this post. 7 ways to spread joy is not only perfect for this season of gratitude – these concepts are something we need to incorporate into our daily lives all year round. Imagine what the world would be like if we all lived this way!

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  21. “Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” – looooooooove this. Thank you for sharing your thoughts. It really depends on us how kind people around us are and how kind the whole world is. Just need to be kind to start the right vibe ❤

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  22. Absolutely beautiful and brilliant message! I hope your Joy reaches many and influences all!!


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